About Short & Suite

We love what we do

We definitely love what we do – that’s why we’ve been managing short-term rentals for the better part of the last decade!

Properties managed

Years in business

Happy guests

Empowering Owners

We want vacation rental owners and property owners to see how they can build wealth for their future. We know it can seem overwhelming – that’s why we aim to support owners as we partner with them to manage their properties and succeed in the vacation rental market. We understand that the properties we manage are a home away from home for guests and an investment in the future for our owners.

Responsible, Ethical Hosting

We believe that Airbnb should not only be a great experience, but a safe one, and we are 100% committed to the comfort, privacy and security of our guests and owners. We follow all local regulations in order to ensure a robust short-term rental market can coexist with traditional housing and hospitality accommodations.

Our Values

Short and Suite BNB - Accountability


We’re focused on finding solutions and achieving results.

Short and Suite BNB - Community


We strive to help improve our communities by giving back.

Short and Suite BNB - Leadership


We work to educate property owners on Airbnb security, regulations and strategies.