Airbnb and the Holiday Season


The holiday season is here, and not for long! But that’s no reason you can’t take advantage of Airbnb hosting over the holidays.


Many will be staying in Airbnbs during this time while they visit their families, and some will be travelling. As an Airbnb host, you can maximize your listings over the holidays and build guest loyalty.


Special touches will go a long way with your guests, and if you start now, you’ll be able to make their experience extra memorable this season.


So enjoy our holiday hosting tips!


Break Out the Decorations

Time to decorate your Airbnb! Guests will appreciate the added touch. Try hanging wreaths or setting up white lights.

But be sure to avoid religious themes in decor so that you don’t risk alienating any guests. You want travelers from all backgrounds to feel welcome!


Spread some cheer

‘Tis the season to be giving, and a little goes a long way. Consider leaving small gifts for guests who stay during the holidays, especially on Christmas. These don’t have to be expensive. Your guests will definitely appreciate it!

It can be as simple as holiday-themed candies or chocolates, or even small stockings stuffed with all the travel necessities.

Optimize your listings for the holidays

Let your guests know what to expect when they stay with you over the holidays. What will make their stay at your property special? Including the holidays in your listing’s wording will help to make it stand out.

Think about holiday-related keywords. You can even include fun events to do in the area related to Christmas and the holiday season. Is there a lights show or a night market? Let your potential guests know!


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Merry hosting!