Airbnb Check-out Instructions: What You Need to Know

The check-in and check-out process for Airbnb is far different than that of a hotel. Since there is no concierge or front desk, it’s up to you as a host to coordinate check-in and checkout times with your guest(s). Hosts should have the check-out time clearly indicated on the listing, making it easy for guests to know exactly when they’ll nee

d to be up and out of the rental. That being said, there’s a few things you can do as an Airbnb host to make sure your check-out process goes smoothly!

Communication is crucial

As soon as a guest books on Airbnb, you’re able to message them through the platform. It’s a good idea to touch base with your guests to introduce yourself, and to find out some basic information before check-in day. Confirm check-in and checkout times, make a plan for the key exchange if you use a physical key, and let them know if there is parking nearby and public transit options. Once you open a line of communication, you can contact one another in case issues come up or plans change. This is going to be crucial for the check out process.

Reservation Details

Make sure your guests are familiar with the reservation details. Of course, this will include the check-in and out times, the listing’s address, direct contact information, and a receipt for the rental for your guests. Airbnb will handle your receipts and allow you to input this info. Keeping all of these details handy and accessible to travellers will make the check-in and checkout process quick and painless for you and your guests.


Your guestbook is an awesome tool to use to inform your guests about important details like check-in and check-out, amenities, local attractions, public transit, and more. It’s a nice added touch to any Airbnb and has become quite standard over the past couple of years. Be sure to include any check-out procedures that your guests should follow, as well as a time to be out of the rental and the most convenient way to drop off a key/lock up if needed. If you don’t keep a guestbook in your Airbnb yet, we strongly recommend it.

Send Reminders

It’s always a good idea to remind your guests at check-in what you expect from them on check-out day – a friendly message reminder the day before checkout or a few hours before checkout via the Airbnb app is not a bad idea either! You should also ask them to let you know once they’ve left the rental so that you can get in there to start cleaning and prepping for your next guests!

If You’re Going to Be There for Checkout: Be Punctual

If you’re not using a lockbox or keypad, and instead opting for an in-person key exchange, make sure to agree on a set time to meet your guest. Be on time! If you’re running late, send the guest a message in advance to let them know. You should be able to expect the same courtesy from your guests, which will give you comfort in knowing you’ll have enough time to clean the rental before hosting your next round of guests.

If You’ll Be Away for Checkout: Exterior Cameras

Exterior cameras are a great way to monitor your property and maintain security. But did you know they’re also extremely helpful when it comes to check out? With cameras, you’re able to see when you’re guests are entering and leaving your property. This way, you can confirm that they’ve actually checked out, no matter where you are. Cameras can simplify the check-out process even more by allowing the hosts to monitor when their guests leave, signalling you to get to the property to clean and prep for the next guests. They can also keep you aware of any activities going on around your property, which will help with overall security.

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