Airbnb Property Essentials

Want to give your guests an awesome experience? Sometimes it can be as simple as making sure they have everything they need.


This week we’re sharing with you our list of Airbnb essentials – and while some may seem super obvious, you’d be surprised how many Airbnbs miss them.


Trust us, these go a long way!


The Safety Essentials


Our safety essentials list is non-negotiable. Every single Airbnb should have these items for the security of their guests and themselves.


First Aid Kit

While a rare occurrence, if a guest were to injure themselves, you want to make sure they have access to a first aid kit.


Smoke Alarm

Smoke detectors save lives. They are an absolute necessity for any property. If you don’t have one of these, you’re putting your guests at risk.


Carbon Monoxide Detector

Having a carbon monoxide detector is just as important as a smoke detector – every property should have one.


A Fire Extinguisher

Make sure your building has a fire extinguisher in case of an unfortunate incident.


The Everyday Essentials


Then, there are the everyday essentials. These can add a special touch to an Airbnb experience.


A hairdryer

Walking around with wet hair? We’ll pass. A hairdryer is an often forgotten item, and it is a great perk for guests. Just don’t bother spending money on anything super fancy – a basic hairdryer will do.


Coffee maker

Who doesn’t love coffee? Your guests will appreciate having their morning cup of joe within reach. Keep it simple when choosing your coffee maker. There’s no need to break the bank.



This is especially important when you have guests that are travelling for business. Travelling with dress pants or a chiffon dress isn’t always easy, and there is nothing worse than being stuck with wrinkly clothes. Give your guests peace of mind by making sure there is always an iron (and an ironing board) on site.



This one should be a no-brainer. And make sure you don’t end up with a spotty wifi connection – research to find the best provider. Monitor usage – if your Airbnb is very busy, opt for the best unlimited internet package to avoid going over budget on the bill.



Fresh, Clean Linens

Your property should never be without clean, quality linens. Your guests will appreciate towels that don’t feel scratchy and fresh bedding.

Charging Cables

Make it easy for your guests to charge their devices by providing them with charging cables. Get a variety of cables to go with different devices.


What essentials do you always keep at your Airbnb property? Have questions about managing your guests’ experience? Contact us.