How a Property Manager Can Make Your Airbnb More Secure

There are many benefits to hiring an Airbnb Property Manager, but one of the most important benefits is the security that working with a company can bring to any property. As an Airbnb host you should be prioritizing your safety, your guest’s safety, and your neighbour’s safety.

A reliable Airbnb property manager will not only help to keep your Airbnb running smoothly, but they’re help to mitigate any risks associated with Airbnb. Here’s how a property manager can keep your Airbnb experience safe:

Security Check-In

You can rely on a property manager to provide security check-ins to ensure everything is going as it should. At Short and Suite BNB, we have nightly security check-ins. Working with trained security is one of the benefits of hiring a property manager. Don’t put yourself at risk, leave it to the pros.


Exterior Cameras

Exterior security cameras are a must at any Airbnb property. We’ve installed them at our Airbnbs in order to keep a close eye on properties and make sure there are no issues. By monitoring the exterior cameras we can tell if a guest is doing things that break the rules – one example of this would be bringing in more guests than they’re allowed. There are also other benefits to security cameras, like being able to see guests who are checking in in order to help direct them.


Proper Screening

Nightmare guests are any hosts biggest, well, nightmare. Luckily, Airbnb offers many ways to screen guests. As Airbnb property managers with years of expertise in rentals and short-term stays, we know a thing or two about guest screening. Count on an experienced property manager to only let responsible and trustworthy guests stay at your property.


Expert Knowledge

An Airbnb property manager lives and breathes Airbnb daily. This means they’ll be educated in short-term rentals and the best practices for running a BNB. Whether it is identifying risks, strategizing ways to eliminate them, or setting up a safety plan, a good Airbnb property manager should always be concerned with ensuring a safe experience on the platform.


Have questions about how you can improve your Airbnb’s safety? Contact us.