6 Ways to Boost Your Airbnb Ranking

If you’re an Airbnb rental host, chances are you want to get as many bookings as possible. There are a few key ways that you, as a host, can attract vacationers to your BNB. Some options include creating a website for your rental, having professional photos of your space, or even improving some of your amenities. These options aren’t necessary. Another important area? Improving your ranking.

Airbnb uses a search ranking algorithm, similar to Google, which ranks listings based on guest needs, trip details, and listing details. How does this affect your listing? Well, by ranking higher in their algorithm you increase your chances of being found by vacationers. We put together a few things you can do to enhance your Airbnb search ranking.


Promote Your Listing

By promoting your listing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you not only boost your ranking on Airbnb, but also help your listing get discovered by other search engines. Don’t be shy to ask friends and family to retweet, like, or follow your page!


Think Like A Guest

When creating your Airbnb listing, keep in mind the kind of traveler you’re trying to attract to your place. Is your space perfect for a solo traveller looking for an adventure? A romantic getaway for couples? Or is it better suited to families with kids? Write your property listing so that it’s geared towards your specific guests, and they’ll find you easily.


Respond Quickly

Try your best to answer every message, question, and comment made by your guests – and as soon as possible. Both the response rate and time are measured by the Airbnb algorithm. Never take more than 24 hours to respond to a guest!

Try To Limit Refusals And Cancellations

If you want to stay at the top of search results, aim to keep the number of cancellations and booking request refusals as low as possible. It’s very important to remember that the ratio of clicks to bookings is crucial for your search ranking. The more requests you refuse, the worse your search ranking will be. To help avoid cancellations and refusals, make your house rules as clear as possible on your listing for your guests to see. But remember, safety is more important than ranking. If something doesn’t feel quite right, and you need to refuse a guest for your safety and security, then do it.


Get As Many Reviews As Possible

The amount of reviews that your listing gets, and the quality of thoses reviews will do wonders for your Airbnb ranking. Encourage your visitors to leave positive reviews after their stay by simply asking them to do so, or leave a nice note in your BNB. If you’d like, you can even explain that your goal is to use feedback to continue improving your rental location to enhance future guests’ experience. Of course, you won’t have a hard time getting these types of reviews if you are sure to be available and accommodating during their stay.


Offer Competitive Pricing

After location, the second most important thing guests look at is pricing. Pricing can make or break a travellers choice of BNB. Sometimes even a slight change in price can pick up a much wider range of guests searching for Airbnb rentals in your area! Implement a good price strategy to get the most out of your rental. Monitor trends, pay attention to upcoming events and watch competition. Adjust as needed.


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