How to get more Airbnb guests during your off season

Every Airbnb host has a peak season and an off season. This time of year, things can start to slow down a little bit on Airbnb. But that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your bookings. The way you manage your BNB during a slow season can make or break your business!


Keeping your vacation rental booked all year long is crucial for maximizing your profits. With a few adjustments, it’s possible to keep the guests rolling in through the slower months. Check out our tips for keeping your Airbnb booked during off season.


Off Season vs. Peak Season


Off-season is a period of time where travelers are less likely to visit. Depending on where you are, off-season may not always be winter. In Ottawa, November through January are slow. The holidays especially tend to be slow as people are with their families.


Peak season is the busiest time of year. You may find yourself feeling like you can’t handle the amount of bookings you have!


Knowing your peak season and off season is incredibly important as it will allow you to tailor your listings to maximize the number of guests you can bring in.


Offer Discounts

Hotels lower their prices up to 40% during slow seasons. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be doing the same. Adjust your pricing based on demand. You can also offer a Friends and Family Discount.


Make sure to include the word “Discount” in your listing title and description to attract potential guests.


Update Your Descriptions

You can tailor your descriptions based on the time of year. If your slow season is in the winter, “cozy and warm” would be a great way to describe a space.


You should also emphasize what’s going on in your city. Amp up your local attractions and events. What is there to do in your city during your slow months? Are there any exciting events? Make sure to include these details in your listing’s description. Pushing experiences is a great way to attract guests to your Airbnb.


Lower your minimum nights stay

If you have a 2 night minimum stay, this is a good time to lower it to 1. Making your listings more accessible is a great way to get more Airbnb guests when demand is low. You can lower your minimum nights stay temporarily until the slow season is over.


Having a game plan for your Airbnb’s slow season will help you stay on track. Make notice of any patterns and stick to a strategy – this will help you stay booked year round.


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