How to Make Your Airbnb Listings Stand Out

Your Airbnb listing can make or break the success of your short term rental. If you want to improve your bookings, work on improving your listings. There are a few key things you can include in your listing to make sure it stands out to renters.


At Short & Suite BNB, our goal is to help you manage and improve bookings for your short term rental listing. Here are our tips for making sure your listing stands out.


Ideal Guest


Before you set up your Airbnb listing, you should consider your ideal guest and tailor the listing to them. Who do you want to book your Airbnb? If the space is larger, maybe you’d be tailoring your listings to families. So, you’d be mentioning familly-oriented activities and local sights to see. Looking to target younger groups? Talk about the local nightlife and restaurants.


Listing Titles


Show your listing titles some love – after all, it’s the first thing potential guests will read. Keep it catchy. We are drawn to adjectives. You should be using the title to highlight your property’s best feature. Also, the title can updated regularly – you can change the title to reflect things like current local events.


Clear Descriptions


Want to improve your bookings? Write good Airbnb listing descriptions. Include a thorough and clear description of the property so that travelers can find the info they need quickly and clearly.


Travellers are usually looking for specific information first, so it’s important to have a clear description of your property in the right area of your listing. They’re far more likely to give up on your listing and move on if the information they’re looking for seems incomplete or isn’t provided at all. The key is to keep things thorough, but avoid unnecessary details. Don’t let your property description hurt your listing!


Quality Photos


This could be the most important part of your Airbnb listing. Travellers need to see photos of property they are going to be booking. Having high quality photos of your property can only increase your bookings.


Hiring a professional photographer to take photos of your property is a good idea because they’ll have an eye for good lighting and angles to show of your rental. Having beautiful photos can determine the amount of search clicks your property gets on Airbnb.Make sure to include photos of every room.




Are you listing all of your property’s amenities? Amenities are an important factor to Airbnb guests, so don’t skimp when it comes to preparing your listing. Make sure they’re aware of all of the perks they have access to, whether it’s a coffee maker or an outdoor pool.


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