Managing Airbnb Guests’ Expectations

When it comes to Airbnb hosting, your guest’s experience is one of the most important things to consider. Guests are depending on you to deliver on a promised experience.


So how do you make sure you’re promising something you can actually give them? Managing your guest’s expectations is absolutely crucial if you want to keep travellers happy and avoid issues or conflict. Unmet expectations are one of the main contributors to unhappy guests. They also play an important role in reviews – and negative ones can can harm your future booking potential.


Here are our top tips for managing your guests’ expectations. Happy guests, happy host!


Write Complete Listing Descriptions

Missing or misleading information in your listing descriptions is a quick way to leave guests feeling disappointed. Make sure to include any info that might be necessary. Things like amenities, number of rooms and beds, and information about the location and things to do nearby. You should also consider that many Airbnb travelers assume that an Airbnb property will have all the amenities of a hotel – things like hairdryers and irons – so make sure to address this in your listing.


Keep it honest and clear

Above all, keep it honest! Don’t tout exceptional wifi if your internet speed is mediocre at best. Thirty minutes from downtown and “minutes from downtown” are two different things, so be clear about distances. 400sqf is not spacious. Overselling your space is misleading and might leave guest’s feeling cheated and resentful.


How will communication work?

Before someone stays with you, they’ll want to know what to expect in terms of communication. Should they be communicating with you by phone, text or email? In how long can they expect an answer from you? You should also make sure to include information about the check-in and check-out process.


Use quality photos

Quality photography can make or break a listing. Pay special attention to lighting – good lighting is essential for showcasing your space in a positive light. (See what we did there?) Make sure the space is clean. When you take photos, you should stage your space exactly how it would be when a guest stays with you, no surprises. Also, make sure to get multiple photos with different angles of each room to properly show the size of the space and finishings.


Pay Attention to Guest Experience

Your guest’s experience is going to make or break your Airbnb business. Little things can go a long way. Be sure to provide your guests with directions. You can also share a list of things to do, and leave tourist guides in the unit. Trust us, your guests will appreciate the extra touch!


Respond to reviews

If you’re not responding to all of your reviews, you need to start right away. Potential guests use your reviews to decide whether they trust you as a host. Keep in mind that you may have the odd negative review – it happens. Always reply to these. Think of them as an opportunity to show potential guests how you respond to issues. However, only responding to negative reviews is not a good look. Reply to the good ones too and thank your guests. It shows you care!


Rest assured, if you follow these tips you’ll be able to better manage your guest’s expectations, avoid conflicts, and receive glowing reviews.


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