Meet Patti, Our Office Manager

They say it takes a village, and there’s no denying that’s true when it comes to running multiple Airbnbs. And 150+ BNBs? You need a solid team for that. Luckily, that’s exactly what we’ve got at Short and Suite BNB – a hardworking team that is dedicated to providing exceptional Airbnb experiences.

From guest management to cleanings, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes! So what’s it like? We sat down with Patti, who works in our Little Italy office to get to know a bit more about some of the background aspects of running an Airbnb property management company

What  is your official position at Short and Suite?

Office Manager


What does a regular day look like for you?

I’m a morning person! I typically begin my day at 6:00 am, by responding to our guest’s inquiries from the previous night. I spend the majority of my day communicating with our guests, making sure they are comfortable, and have everything they need. I also frequently connect with Airbnb throughout the day to assist with any guest claims, and other requests.

I assist in interviewing new talent to join our company, which is now daily since we are growing so quickly! Other tasks include ordering supplies, linens, and ensuring that our day to day operations run smoothly.


How long have you worked with Short and Suite bnb?

I started in mid-February (of 2019), so about two and a half months now!


What’s your favourite thing about Airbnb?

I love that it gives travellers a truly personal way to get to know their destinations. What better way to experience a new city than through the eyes of a local?


Why do you think it’s become so popular?

It has provided travellers with a more economical solution to traveling, and is more accessible to them than traditional hotels through the app and online. It also gives them the access to homey amenities, such as kitchens, washer/dryer etc, which is nice if you are planning to stay for a longer period of time!


What do you always have to have at your desk?

Coffee – my secret to keeping a bubbly personality


Dream Airbnb destination?

ANYWHERE! But my top three would be Italy, France or Spain.


What should people know about Short and Suite?

That we are a primarily female ran company- all about girl power over here! Also love that we support other local Ottawa companies whenever possible.

Want to work somewhere with tons of opportunity for growth and a fun environment? We’re currently hiring for various positions. Please contact us!