Polar Opposites: What a tiny home and a 3 bedroom have in common!

You’re Probably Wondering What Tiny Homes and 3 Bedroom Homes Have in Common?

They are the most popular units on Airbnb currently!

Yup you got that right! A tiny home and a 3 bedroom plus stand alone home are reaching maximum occupancy on Airbnb these days! Heres why:

  • Tiny homes offer flexibility to stay in your own home and travel. Less touch points for possible infection, ability to change up the scenery and a super trendy one-of-a-kind experience
  • 3 Bedroom stand alone homes offer similar features. Less touch points, outdoor space, and perfect for big families who have relocated. These homes were scooped up early by returning diplomats and global affairs employees.

We’re super excited for one of our good friends who is building a tiny home! Take a look at her recent blog posts about the progress of the tiny home! It’s super cool to watch!

Visit her blog!