Property Management for your Vacation Rental

Managing your vacation rental can be a lot of work – driving back and forth, maintaining the property, cleaning, the list goes on – and if you own a vacation property like a cottage or cabin, you might relate to this hassle. When it comes to saving time and stress, a property manager is your best friend!

A vacation rental property management company helps to oversee your properties, communicate with guests, manage cleaning, and find ways to add value to your income property and increase your ROI.

If you’re considering employing the assistance of a reputable property management company to handle your vacation rental, this article is for you. Short and Suite will help you understand why you need such a company, the properties they manage, how to get started, etc.

Why Hire a Property Manager for Your Vacation Rental?

When the word property manager comes to mind, you might think about apartments – but property management is a great resource for vacation rental owners too! 

So what do they do? Property managers take care of all of the day to day aspects of managing an income property. When it comes to your vacation rental, here’s what you can expect to be taken care of:

  • Guest screening & security
  • Guest communication
  • Property inspections
  • Listing Management and marketing
  • Smooth check-in and key handover
  • Housekeeping and cleaning
  • Keeping your Suite stocked with the essentials
  • Stylish decor and staging

One of the biggest benefits of using this service is its ability to maximize your revenue and reduce the work associated with owning a vacation rental. 

Besides creating your property listing, cleaning the building, or answering inquiries from potential guests, they can provide expertise in short-term stay regulations, guest relations and a more strategic, ROI driven approach. Short-term property management companies will also be well-versed in the latest in your local STR regulations.

If you don’t live in the city or town your vacation rental is in, it can start to feel like a massive hassle. Fortunately, hiring a property management company is a practical option as they dedicate time and resources to keep you updated on your rental home.

Managing Your Vacation Rental from Start to Finish


We love cottages, and so do travellers! These properties are excellent investments, presenting high volumes in summer and attracting higher price points due to high demand. Four-season cottages are also very popular in the Winter months for those seeking cozy getaways. 

The downside? Managing cottages are a lot of work, and it’s easy to miss some of the many ways to maximize the income potential of such a lucrative property.

Hiring a property manager for your cottage can help you maximize your revenue as we tweak your rates according to the market, provide excellent staff and customer experience, and ensure all the tools for success are available to you!

Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are all the range. Travellers are drawn to these vacation rentals for the novelty – they offer a unique atmosphere outside conventional housing. And people are willing to pay a premium for this one-of-a-kind experience!

With these properties often being in rural areas, you might find yourself driving back and forth a lot to clean, stock and maintain your tiny home Airbnb. We can help with that.


Like tiny houses and cottages, cabins offer a cozy getaway experience to travellers looking for a change of scenery. Cabins are often in high demand in the winter seasons, but they’re beloved year round. We work with you to manage your cabin rental from start to finish, through all kinds of weather! 


Get Started with Property Management for Your Vacation Rental

Ready to take the leap and hire a property manager. Reach out to Short and Suite today, we’d love to help!