Rental Lifestyle: Our Thoughts on the Rental Market

Get ready for the shift… in the rental market!

Recently large tech companies and universities announced their move to a fully digital workplace and learning environment and as such this got us to thinking…

What do renters want?

It’s an interesting discussion to have as renters don’t need to live in the hustle and bustle of the downtown core anymore. And what IF renters start to look for a rental accommodation that inspires their hobbies.

Let’s think about it. Someone loves snowboarding… and now that they can work from home, they could live near their favourite slope!

Or say an avid cottage goer… now they can study by the lake.

There’s far less time being spent commuting and that hot spot might be less desirable in the downtown core.

We call this Rental Lifestyle. It’s where a tenant wants to live by a destination that adheres to their favourite hobbies and interests.

Over the past month we have seen a large demand for cottage rentals. People wanting to escape the city, take out their boat and have a cold one on the patio.

We think this could be the future of rentals. And its pretty cool in our opinion!

Have a cottage you’re looking to rent out? Let us know! We can help!