Our Tips for Screening Airbnb Guests

It’s a common question we get from hosts – how do I weed out potentially bad guests? When you’re able to properly screen your guests, you can mitigate risk and avoid potentially dangerous or damaging situations.

Now, generally, most guests are great! But it’s always important to consider the risks of hosting and be prepared.

We work with Airbnb hosts to help educate and guide through the screening process. There are many things you can do to keep yourself and your property safe – before a booking even takes place. Here are our tips for screening guests:


Attracting the right guests

Create a “guest profile” to make it clear to potential vacationers what type of guest you’re looking to attract to your BNB. This could mean describing a property as family-friendly, or as suitable for business travel.

Once a request is submitted, communication between guest and host opens up. As a host, you’ll also have access to the guests’ basic information. This includes things like a phone number and an email address which are verified during their account set-up process. It’s a great opportunity to see if they fit the guest type that you’re looking for.


Same-city bookings

Bookings from somebody in the same city can often spark concern. There is nothing wrong with local guests, but it could be a potential red flag for people who are looking to host parties or other unwanted activities.

That doesn’t mean banning local guests entirely. Do your due diligence and learn a bit more about why they are looking for an Airbnb in their own city. Here’s an example of how you can do this:

Details from a Short and Suite Listing

Extra Verification

It might take a big weight off your shoulders when you see that a user account is verified. This is the most secure level of Airbnb user authentication. It’s shown by the “ID checked” badge on a user’s account. All Airbnb members can upload a picture of a photo ID or answer specific questions to verify their identity.

When you see this badge, you’ll know right away that a physical address and social security number have been confirmed. If anything were to go wrong during the stay, Airbnb would be able to locate any guest with an ID checked badge.

When you see this badge, you can trust that your potential guest has been verified.


Check Reviews

Always check your guest’s reviews! Most Airbnb guests will have an “about me” section filled out to give their hosts even more information about their interests, hobbies, and personality. The host-guest relationship on Airbnb is a mutual one – represented by reviews.

Past reviews left by hosts explaining how the guest behaved and treated their property can be seen right on their profile page, and vice versa for how the guests felt towards the accommodations from the host!

Don’t just read the first few reviews, read ALL of them. If you’re letting someone stay in your property, you want to be sure they’re something you can trust.


Social Media

Did you know you can link your Airbnb profile to social media? Yup. User  profiles can be linked to social media platforms like Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn for even more verification.

Screening your guests on social media adds another level of comfort, as just another way to help confirm that it is their true identity. Before accepting a guest, check to see if they have linked at least one of their social media pages.

This isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, but it is helpful From their social accounts you can learn more about the type of person they are, if you have mutual friends, or any other information you think may be important to know.


Host And Guest Insurance

Airbnb offers two kinds of insurance to help protect both the host and guest. The first is the host guarantee, which provides protection for up to one million dollars of damage to eligible property.

The second is the host protection insurance which covers up to one million dollars of liability protection. If you want to take even more precaution, more insurance can be purchased for your Airbnb!


Are you screening all of your guests? Need help? Contact us.