Our Tips for Styling Your Airbnb

Every Airbnb wants to reach as close to 100% occupancy rate as physically possible. One way to keep your Airbnb booked? Make it look good! Guests choose their Airbnbs by sorting through photos, so it’s no surprise that many will lean towards Airbnbs that are well-designed and stand out. So, the way you style your Airbnb can definitely impact your occupancy rate. Here are a few ideas to help you up your listing and make it more modern in no time!

Knowing your ideal guests

Who do you want to host in your property? By understanding the needs of your ideal guests, you can create a space that they’ll find appealing. If you’re not sure who your targeted guests are, take a look at past guests. You can also communicate with current guests to find out more as to why they chose your Airbnb and are visiting your location. For example, if you have more business travellers, including a desk somewhere in your Airbnb would be a good idea. If you tend to have large families with children, you can include a small play area. Young travellers in a trendy neighbourhood will be looking for something a little different than guests who are renting a house on Airbnb while they have their home renovated. By taking this information into account, you will find yourself starting to notice trends in the type of traveler your Airbnb attracts. From there, you can tweak your space and make adjustments!

Having a theme

People travel to discover new parts of the world and have unique experiences, and your Airbnb should be a part of that experience! Creating a theme throughout your property will leave lasting impressions on your guests, as well as attract new guests seeking an authentic getaway. One way to achieve this is by reflecting the city or town your property is located in. For example, if you live by an ocean try adding beach-themed accessories to create a beach-like atmosphere. Or, if you’re located in a more rural area, try going for a rustic log cabin feel. You can also focus on specifics of your city, for example having a modern art print of a map of Ottawa. Your guests will appreciate the way your Airbnb mirrors the travel destination.

Designed for comfort

It doesn’t cost a lot to add an extra level of comfort to your Airbnb. Adding a coat stand in the foyer and having a list of great local restaurants and coffee shops can help make your guests feel right at home. Other ideas like having an ottoman for a place to let your guests put their feet up after a long day of exploring, and extra hooks in bedrooms and bathrooms for towels and robes can go a long way in making your Airbnb feel like a home away from home. Colourful couch cushions, an extra throw blanket, plants and other decorative items are a great added touch!

Take advantage of the small spaces

Sometimes, you don’t have a ton of space to work with. That doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it! Plan for function, and avoid having a cramped space. If there’s a small area of the Airbnb that can’t be used for much, you can embrace the space to create a special corner of your home that guests won’t want to leave! A cozy reading nook is a great way to give your guests a space to sit back and relax with their favourite book. And don’t be afraid to be bold with smaller spaces – a rich colour scheme can create the feeling of ultimate luxury and relaxation even in small spaces.

Pop of colour

So many Airbnbs have a minimalist look and use neutrals, or the classic white kitchen. If you want to stand out, we recommend adding a pop of colour!

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