Tips for Winterproofing your Airbnb

It’s that time of year again. Pull up your boots, slide into that parka and ask yourself why you live somewhere where the air hurts your face. Seriously, why though?


Sludge, 30 below temperatures and slippery pavement.. Do we have you excited yet?


As we all get re-accustomed to winter, there’s another thing to consider: winter-proofing your Airbnb. If you haven’t done it yet, now’s the time to do a small audit of your BNB property and take a look at what needs to be done to get you winter ready.


Here’s what we recommend:


Prepare for Snow and Ice Removal

Icy walkways are a major liability. And not being able to pull into a snow-filled driveway? Everyone’s worst nightmare. You’ll want to make sure your driveway and entrances are clear of snow and ice. We recommend hiring a company that can come and plow regularly. We also recommend keeping salt somewhere at your property to make sure you can always treat ice patches.


Check Your Heat

Now’s the time for testing your heat to make sure everything is running smoothly. Having your heat run at 21°C is a sweet spot for an ideal temperature while being cost effective. Now’s also a good time to replace your furnace filter!


Put Away any Seasonal Furniture

Those wicker chairs on the deck aren’t going to do us any good now. You should be storing patio furniture for the winter to keep your property clean (and keep your furniture in tact).


Consider Outdoor Lighting

If you haven’t set up any outdoor lighting for your property, it’s a good idea to consider it. During these shorter, darker days, outdoor lighting provides an extra boost of security and clarity for your guests.


Hallway Maintenance

If you own a property with multiple units, then you have hallways to consider. Hallways that, this time of year, will be messy with boot marks, sludge, salt and water. It’s crucial you keep these hallways clean to prevent dangerous slips and damage to the floors or carpets. Consider hiring someone to clean your hallways regularly so that you can keep them squeaky clean!


Get Your Entryways Ready

The first things a guest will do when they get into your Airbnb this winter: rip off their scarf, tear off their coat and kick off their boots. Make sure you have ample space for guests to hang their coats and leave their boots. Don’t forget a winter-friendly mat (or two!). Cover up as much space as you can with the mat to avoid guests tracking in dirt, sludge and salt which can scratch your floors.


Need help keeping your Airbnb clean this winter? Contact us!